The American Indian

The Nieuwe Kerk’s latest exhibition: The American Indian between Myth and Reality, Art and Culture

Last days! Till April 1th

The American Indian exhibition provides an eye-opening and thorough backdrop for an investigation into the diversity of American Indian cultures and traditions.

The Exhibition has been open since December and plans to carry on through to April, 200 traditional works of art and artefacts.

The American Indian Exhibition


Over seven different regions are explored through a massive collection of over 200 traditional works of art and artefacts. The exhibition clearly identifies the diversity of the term ‘American Indian’, which represents over 500 indigenous nations with their own language, artistic traditions and cultures.

Viewers are invited to discover these large and multifold traditions through a vast collection including porcupine quill embroidery from the Great Lakes, historical painting from the prairies, ceramics from the pueblos of the Southwest, baskets from California, wood carvings from the Northwest coast, sculpture from the Arctic north, and Navajo textiles

Document recording the purchase of Manhattan from the Indians.

The earliest contact between Northern Europe and North America is also included in the exhibition. The most recognisable being the Schagen letter of 1626, a famous document recording the purchase of Manhattan from the Indians for sixty guilders. Dutch images, including all the stereotypes that have formed over time, are also examined.

As part of the exhibition, the Nieuwe Kerk invited Morad and Natasja Bouchakour to take a series of portraits of American Indians. The artist travelled across the United States to capture the diversity, strength, and vibrancy of tribal nations and American Indian culture. The resulting photographs form the final section of the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to realize the varying range of artistic traditions associated with the American Indian.
Where: Nieuwe Kerk
When: Till April 1th 2013
Website: Nieuwe kerk

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