The Greenberg Collection

The Greenberg's collection stands out because of the high quality of its prints. Approximately 150 photos from the private collection of New York gallery-owner Howard Greenberg are on display at the Jewish Historical Museum. Over the years this New York gallery Read more

Nan Hoover (1931 NYC -2008 Berlin) is a pioneer of video and performance art.

Nan Hoover (1931 NYC -2008 Berlin) is a pioneer of video and performance art. Since the early 1970s in her performances, video works and light installations she explored the language of minimalism through light and the durational aspects of various Read more

Francis Bacon's triptych in Nieuwe Kerk

Francis Bacon’s triptych In Memory of George Dyer (1971) The Masterwork series in De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, will continue with the presentation of Irish-born artist Francis Bacon’s triptych In Memory of George Dyer(1971). This remarkable work follows Rembrandt's The Holy Read more

What was once Rembrandt's largest painting returns home

Rembrandt's painting The Conspiracy of the Batavians Under Claudius Civilis, returns home. One of the most important artists in Dutch history, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 – 1669), composed his last secular painting featuring the one-eyed Batavian chieftain, Claudius, who Read more

Metahaven Design Collective at Cobra Museum

Metahaven is interested in the social and power structures hidden behind the apparently transparent design of our digital environment Passion, vitality and social engagement In Cobra Museum till March 8th The Cobra Museum will host Metahaven Selected Projects 2010-2014, an exhibition by Read more


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Gallery Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam proudly presents , the second solo exhibition of John Copeland (US, 1976).


Opening: Saturday, May 25th from 5 – 7 pm

There is tension in Copeland’s works. The paintings vibrate between figuration and abstraction, putting your eye and mind to work at first glance.

Somewhere in the depths of Bushwick, Brooklyn, there is a painting studio. Inside that studio there is a canvas. Behind that canvas is artist John Copeland who is among those few people who manage to squeeze 25 hours out of every day. Working tirelessly for six days of the week, year round, Copeland creates paintings and drawings in his studio that, as he puts it, are about “the moments that don’t really translate into words.”

Suspense and curiosity, dinners and parties

Gallery Reflex

The roots grow upwards – by John Copeland

The situations depicted; dinner parties, original bikers, classic portraiture, lingering nudes and gritty still lives share a cinematic snapshot quality. The works generate curiosity and questions; what is happening? What has occurred? What will happen next?
There is suspense in the painted moment, a sense of urgency, amplified by the seemingly furious pace of the painting style. As if it had not been captured fast, it would disappear. Moments like these never last.

In juxtaposition to the suspense in the single work, there is timelessness in the subject matter and general imagery. This contrast is also emphasized by the style of painting, that effortlessly draws from neo-expressionism, bad painting (as defined by Marcia Tucker) and abstract expressionism.

Contemplating this new body of work, paintings and works on paper, another reoccurring theme is images of images. Paintings of people looking at paintings. People reflected in mirrors. Distorted reflections of figures turning to abstraction or vice versa. A feeling of voyeurism and simultaneously being watched. Copeland’s work is beautifully uncomfortable, violence and carnal pleasure smile at you, enticing you.

If you stare, the world stares right back at you.

When: 25.05. – 13.07.2013
Where: Gallery Reflex, Weteringschans 79 A – Amsterdam 1017 RX
Open: Tuesday – Saturday: 10 -18 hours
Website: Reflex Amsterdam

CIOU – “A Spell on You”

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CIOU – “A Spell on You” at KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam

Ciou’s wondrous drawings are a recurring phenomenon on the walls of the KochxBos Gallery.

“A Spell on You” is about magic. From March 23.rd till April 20th.

Ciou (1981) was born and raised in Toulouse, the city in southern France, where she still lives and works. Her first important exposition was in 2004 in the Flux Factory in New York, after which shows followed in Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin and Seattle.

A wondrous mix.


Ciou at KochxBosGallery, Witches-convention.

Ciou combines an old fashioned technique with forms from popular image culture. A wondrous mix of, manga, primitive and religious art. Art nouveau, tattoos, old toys and Mexican culture inspire Ciou.
For the pieces in “A Spell on You” she found an illustrated book, about magic and sorcery, from 1924. Hereon she made a series of spectacular drawings, in her trademark style, with a dominant black delineation and small surfaces with brilliant colours. ]

Twelve stamps for the French national postal service.
As was shown in the VPRO documentary “Sarah’s Barbaren”, She often uses old books and writings as a canvas and paints over them in pen, ink and acrylic. At the moment she is working on 12 stamps for the French national postal service.
“A Spell on You”, is Ciou’s third solo exposition in Amsterdam.

CIOU- A Spell on You
When: March 23rd- April20th
Where: KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam
Address: Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, Amsterdam
Opening: Saturday, March 23rd 16.00

Fascinating Food Portraits

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Food Portraits by Marie Cécile Thijs

At Eduart Planting Gallery 9 March – 27 April 2013

After her successful series ‘Cooks’ Marie Cécile is now creating a whole new series.

Portraits of food

Analytical photos, tranquil and yet dynamic, each showing the essence of food. ‘FOOD PORTRAITS’ shows a diversity of culinary delights: distilled Umami, artichoke dripping in oil, weighted sea bass in salt, bleeding beetroot and many others.

Contemporary style with classical aesthetics  

Dutch photographer Marie Cécile Thijs specializes in staged photography (portraiture and food).  She likes working in her studio as well at (unique) places, always looking for a mingling of her contemporary style with classical references. In her photographs she strives for intensity and illusion .

In the  collections of the Rijksmuseum e.a.

The free work of  Marie Cécile Thijs ( 1964, Heerlen, The Netherlands) is included in the collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Rotterdam Museum and numerous private art collections.

Food series in weekend magazine

The food series by Marie Cécile Thijs is published weekly in FD Persoonlijk, the weekend magazine of Financieele Dagblad. The texts are by Hilary Akers. Eduart Plantinga Gallery welcomes you to the festive opening on Saturday 9 March, from 4 – 6 PM. During the opening Hilary Akers (culinary historian, writer, cook and wine specialist) will provide an introduction.

Marie Cécile Thijs initially had a career as a lawyer, but more than fifteen years ago she rediscovered her earlier love for the camera, and decided to become a photographer. Since then, she has achieved recognition for her photo series ‘Human Angels’, ‘White Collar’ and ‘Legal Practitioners’. She is also known for her portraits of many politicians, artists and writers. See: Marie Cecile Thijs.

Where: Eduard Planting Gallery | Fine Art Photographs Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 links 1016 KS Amsterdam

Website: Eduard Planting Gallery

Art Galleries Jordaan District

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Experience the Art Galleries Jordaan District

The Jordaan district is home to many of the city’s best art galleries.

The area once was  for the working-class poor. Hundreds of artist discovered the Jordaan in the 70th because of the low rent of houses in these little streets. Today, this area in Amsterdam’s historic center is artsy-cool

Annet Gelink Gallery

Conceptional art

Annet Geelinck Gallery Amsterdam

Annet Geelinck Gallery Amsterdam

Amsterdam Art Galleries


Netherland’s leading gallery for contemporary art, opened in 2000 with a project by Alicia Framis the gallery quickly conquered a leading position in the Dutch art scene.

The gallery has been supporting the work of Carlos Amorales,  Anya Gallaccio, Carla Klein, Kiki Lamers, Liza May Post and Barbara Visser for many years. Annet has plenty of space and light to lavish on notable names in Dutch and international art: Ed van der Elsken (the famed photographer of 1960s Amsterdam), Alicia Frames, Barbara Visser, Ryan Gander and Virgil Marti, who achieved fame with a wallpaper. VIP Art Fair with group show in VIP Showroom.
Open 10 am-6 pm Tue-Fri; 1-6 pm Sat, Laurierstraat 187- 189, 1016 PL Amsterdam,  tel: +31 20 3302066.
Website: Annet Gelink 



Gallery Bart

New upcoming Dutch artist

Gallery Bart, Amsterdam

Gallery Bart, Amsterdam

This is a new gallery focusing on new and upcoming artists, mainly from the Netherlands.
There is an accent on paintings and photography, penetrating the artistic connections between these disciplines. In addition Gallery Bart often exhibits large spectacular sculptures from the new materials, as rubber or epoxy.
Open: Thurs and Fri: 11 am – 6 pm; Saturday: 12 am. – 5 pm; Bloemgracht 2, 1015 TH  Tel +31(0)20 320 62 08
Website: Gallery Bart


Gallery Diana Stigter

Contemporary cutting edge, mixed and multimedia, collage, installations, painting, photography and more!

Nathaniel Mellors @ Diana Stigter

Nathaniel Mellors @ Diana Stigter

Nathaniel Mellors @ Diana Stigter Amsterdam

Nathaniel Mellors

Representation of highly successful national and international young artist like Tjebbe Beekman, Sema Bekirovic, Martha Colburn, Amie Dicke, Iris van Dongen, Irene Fortuyn, Thomas Helbig, Alisa Margolis, Nathaniel Mellors, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Amalia Pica, Jimmy Robert, Maaike Schoorel, Sue Tompkins, Sara van der Heide, Helen Verhoeve, Roman Wolgin.
0pen Wed – Fri from 11am- 6 pm and Sat 1 – 6 pm,  Elandstraat 90, 1016 SH, Tel 020 – 624 23 61 Website: Diana Stigter 


Dolf D. van Omme

19th- and 20th-century European fine art

art gallerries Jordaan

Ger Gerrits, Still-life with cherries

Art galleries Jordaan district

William Castle Keith, River Seine in Paris.









The spotlight here is on 19th- and 20th-century European fine art. The collection includes work from the Amsterdam Impressionists, classical modernists, French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Also featured are traditional paintings of Amsterdam city views.
Open Tues – Fri 11:00 am – 6 pm, and Sat 11 – 5 pm, Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 19, Tel + 31 (0) 20/427-4642
Website: Dolf van Omme


Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Conceptual art

Art Galleries Jordaan

Installation with film

This his upstairs gallery focuses on conceptual art, displaying work by both Dutch and international artists. In recent exhibitions, Luuk Wilmering explored different contextual realities through photo collage and Michael Baers explored social reforms in his ink-wash drawings, while Saskia Janssen discussed drug use and invisible social groups in a range of media. If you aren’t looking for the gallery, you could miss it. A plain gray door opens onto a flight of stairs (you have to ring the doorbell to enter), with the exhibition space on the first floor. The space itself consists of one large room, which looks out onto the Rozengracht, and a slightly smaller one.
Open: Tue – Fri 11 am to 6 pm, Sat 1 pm to 6 pm Rozengracht 207A, 1016 LZ, Tel: +31205304994
Website: Edb Proejcts


Eduard Planting Gallery

Fine Art Photographs

Eduart Plantinga Gallery

This gallery exhibits an interesting mix of fine art photography by well-known, (inter)national artists as well as work by emerging talent. That same tense mix applies to the different styles and periods the photographs descends from and to the different materials used, from classic gelatin silver prints to high tech new solutions. Every two months there’s a new show in the gallery and they’re also present at prestigious art fairs in The Netherlands and abroad. Gallery-owner Eduard Planting also advises collectors with selection. Next to that he is head curator of FotoFestival Naarden, the oldest photo festival in The Netherlands.
Open Wed – Sat 1 –  6 pm,  Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2, Tel +31 (0)20 320-6705
Website: Eduart Planting

De Expeditie Gallery

solo displays of Dutch and international artists

Galerie de Expeditie

Yonatan Vinitsky

Representing  emerging and mid-career artists at an international level. The gallery has its own strong highly individual and recognized curatorial programme, with a continuous programme of gallery-based exhibitions. De Expeditie achieved a proven track record with artists whose careers have fundamentally developed within the gallery, while also seeking out, and assisting in the development of new talent, whether from the nethjerlands or abroad.
Open Wed – Sat 1 –  6 pm,  Leliegracht 47  1016 GT, Tel 020 6204758
Website: De Expeditie

Fons Welters Gallery

Cutting-edge contemporary art

Gallery Fons Welders

Gallery Fons Welders -
Photographer Gert Jan van Rooij

Fons Welters is one of the city’s most consistent providers of cutting-edge contemporary art. The gallery has been central in promoting and artistically supporting young artists from the Netherlands and beyond since 1988. It works with artists from the beginning of their professional development and has launched the career of many young Dutch artists such as Joep van Lieshout, Aernout Mik, Erik van Lieshout, Jan De Cock, Sven Kroner, and Matthew Monahan. Fons Welters takes great interest in helping them to begin, and, later, to expand their careers both in the Netherlands and abroad. Many of them have now entered the international arena. From painting through sculpture and installation to multimedia and performance, this gallery is a must.
Open Tues-Sat 1 pm-6 pm, Bloemstraat 140,  Tel +31 20 423 3046,
Website: Fons Welters 

Gabriel Rolt Gallery

Art Galleries Jordaan District

Gallery Gabriel Rolt. Work by Davina Semo (USA)

Gabriel is showing a programme of international emerging and mid-career artists working across various media such as painting, works on paper, video, performance art, and photograph. The main goal of Galerie Gabriel Rolt is to support the future of its artists.
Open Wed -Sat 12 am- 6 pm Elandsgracht 34, 1016 TW, T + 31 (0) 20-7855146
Website: Gabriel Rolt 

The GO Gallery – Street art exhibitions

Art Gallerries Jordaan

Mirjam Letsch

GO Gallery is the only serious and professional Street Art gallery in Amsterdam. Next to the gallery, is a 11 meter high design of the artists duo TLP, The London Police.
Open Wed- Sat 12 –  6 pm,  Prinsengracht 64, Tel. 020-4229581
Website: GO Gallery 

Gist Gallery – Contemporary art

The gallery shows a changing programme of both young, and more prominent artists in Amsterdam and abroad. The gallery has developed an advisory function for several companies and private institutions, beside representing a fixed group artists. Open Wed-Sat 1-6 pm,  Bloemgracht 8, Tel 06-48420677
Website: Gist Galerie 

KochxBos Gallery – graphic design and underground art

Art Galleries Jordaan District

Koch&Bos Gallery Amsterdam – Home sweet home – by French artist Ciou

Art Galleries Jordaan District

KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam opening March 2012

Since 2001 Esther Koch (graphic designer) and Hans Bos (artist / graphic designer) have been working together under the company name KochxBos.

This important place for lowbrow and underground art is still successfully developing for so many years now. KochxBos is one of the rare European emporiums showing and dealing with well-known artists like Ray Caesar, Sarah Maple, Femke Hiemstra, Ciou, Leendert Masselink or the Sauerkids from Rotterdam to name just a few. Luminary ‘lowbrow’ artists like Ray Caesar, Mark Ryden, Tim Biskup, Joe Sorren and Glenn Barr. Art for those who like their hot rods ablaze, their punk snotty and their films in the Lynchian tradition. Hans and Esther always have an open ear and lots of coffee for their visitors.
An absolutely MUST TO DO for all the people out there that are addicted to underground art.

Open Wed – Sat 1 – 6 pm,  Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 36, 1015 NR, Telephone 681 4567,
Website: Kochxbox 

Kuhler Glas gallery – modern glass art

Located in the heart of the old district of Jordan, just across the canal from the House of Anne Frank, Gallery Kuhler specializes in modern artistic glass.
Open: Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm and each 1st Sunday of the month 1- 4pm,  Prinsengracht 134, 1015 EB, Tel + 31 20 638 02 30

Illusion Gallery – paintings

Opened in December 2005.  It features paintings and constructions by Bartolomeu dos Santos, Ann Hornback, Olga A. Moore, Jim Collier, Enrique Gomez Fernandez, and Bert Hornback. The gallery offers a comprehensive overview of the major trends in the work of the aforementioned artists and provides a venue for open discussions. Open 13 am – 4 pm,  Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday 10.00-16.30. The director is Bert Hornback, an American of Dutch ancestry; the curator is Enrique Gomez Fernandez.
2e Goudsbloemdwarstraat 18, Amsterdam 1015 JZ

Lughien Gallery – West European art

Galleries Jordaan District

Manuel Esteban Lamas, Tulip Fields.

Lughien Gallery

Lughien Gallery

Gallery Lughien since 1977 is located in the Reestraat, in one of the romantic nine Little Streets, a cute walking and shopping district crossing the canals of Amsterdam. In its very accessible space Lughien Bead organizes 7-8 exhibitions per year. The gallery works with a more or less permanent group of around 40 artists who represent a wide range of work. Besides the exhibition of contemporary decorative West European paintings,  Gallery Lughien also created a platform for ceramics and sculptures. All carefully selected by the owner Mrs. Luchien C. Kraal: from  bronze to marble, ceramics, wood and mixed media.

A selection of ,
Open: Wednesday – Sunday 12.00-18.00 pm , Reestraat 17, 1016 DM, Tel: + 31 625 31 93

Website: Lughien Gallery

Paul Andriesse Gallery

Gallery Paul Andriesse

Gallery Paul Andriesse

Gallery Paul Andriesse

Gallery Paul Andriesse

One of the original gallerists in the Jordaan district, Andriesse moved o an enormous space on the Westerstraat, with plenty of room to show his top-tier artists Marlene Dumas and Thomas Struth, along with up-and-comers.

Open: Tue-Fri 11am – 6pm, Saturdays and 1st Sunday of the month 2-5 pm,  Westerstraat 187, tel 6236237,

Website: Paul Anriesse

Radar Architecture and Art – avant-garde

Founded by architect and music lover Marco di Piaggi in 2008, Radar focuses on art deep-rooted in and influenced by the city. De Piaggi considers the gallery an “avant-garde monitor” and uses his association with Amsterdam’s underground music scenes as a conduit for what’s happening. Radar seeks to remain radical and urgent, as exemplified by the exhibition Street | Spirit, which features Polish painter Nisja’s strangely calm cityscapes contrasting with the immediacy and frenzy of Marcel Ozymantra’s large canvases. Open Fri-Sat 1pm-5pm and by appointment. Rozengracht 77A, no phone,

SMBA – project space of the Museum of Modern Art

Art Gallerries Jordaan

Website  SMBA

The SMBA is the project space of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – The objective of SMBA is to present contemporary art from an Amsterdam context and therefore to create an international platform by organizing exhibitions, lectures, debates, publications and residency programmes. Jelle Bouwhuis is the current curator of SMBA. Worth a visit! Rozenstraat 59 1016 NN Amsterdam T (+31) 20 4220471
Website: Smba 

Six Images Photo Gallery – vintage prints, photographers from Central and Eastern Europe

A tiny photographic gallery located in the picturesque area of Jordan district, showing on white walls exhibitions of photographers from Central and Eastern Europe. Usually only six original photographs are shown. The owner Mr. Michal Winiecki himself of Polish descent, has a good eye for selecting unknown young Polish, Russian and German photographers.
Open: Thursday – Saturday and 1st Sunday of the month 2- 5.30 pm . Boomstraat 6,1015 LC, Tel  + 31 (0)20 638 26 24

Tegenboschvanvreeden – contemporary art and video

This new gallery offers a platform for contemporary art from international artists along with performances, discussions, and artists’ talks. In collaboration with a group of seven other international galleries tegenboschvanvreden organises from 3 March through to 7 April 20112 the exhibition ON DEMAND 2 a sequel to the first presentation (in 2010) in a series  of exhibitions focusing on the phenomenon of video and film in art.Visitors to the exhibition can make their own selections from a wide variety of individual artworks, after which this choice will  be displayed on a large screen. Throughout ON DEMAND 2, several lectures will be given by specialists in the field of video art, who will draw attention to the significance of video art today.
Open Wed – Sat 1 pm – 6 pm,  Bloemgracht 57, 1016 KE, Tel +31 [0]20 320 67 68
Website: Tegenboschvanvreden 

Ten Haaf Projects – modern art

A platform for challenging national and international artists focussing on the work of promising contemporary artists, as well on the work of modern masters. A 150 m2 gallery. Currently showing ’’The Damned and our Leaders’’. An exhibition by Luka Kurashvili, a young (b.1985) artist from Georgia – till April 7th 2012.
Open Wed- Sat 12-6 pm,  Laurierstraat 248, 1016 PT, Tel + 31-20-4285885
Website: Ten Haaf Projects

TORCH Gallery – photography, veejay-art, digital image editing, contemporary art

Art gallereis Jordaan District

Torch Gallery

In 1984, TORCH Gallery was established as a stage for Dutch and foreign contemporary Art. Functioning as a springboard for emerging Dutch artists, TORCH was the starting point for internationally renowned artists like Anton Corbijn and Inez van Lamsweerde. In those days the medium photography was not even referred to as an art form. After all, since its discovery halfway the nineteenth century, photography had developed into the layman’s way of capturing their surroundings. Van der Have was among the first to see the potential for high art in the medium. By keeping a keen eye on developments in the artworld, the gallery was one of the first to attend many of todays leading art shows (like the Armory show, Art Basel, Paris photo, Pulse and Art Dubai). This approach has put many emerging Dutch artist under international attention, and has given the gallery a broad network of collectors, artists and curators.

Now his son, Mo, continues his legacy and TORCH continues to light the way for the artists of tomorrow. Open: Times may vary. Usually: Thursday – Saturday 14.00-18.00, or by appointment. Lauriergracht 94, 1016 RN, Tel + 31 (0)20 626 02 84.
Website: Torch Gallery 

WM Gallery – artistic photography

Photographic gallery led by a known photographer Wanda Michalak, specializing in new international artistic developments in photography with an accent on artists from Poland. WM aims to present works by young photographers as well as established names. The Gallery WM also explores the connections between the various visions of photography and, in the future, special cooperative projects will be organized such as combining photography with other media such as painting, sculpture. The book Ten Years, celebrating the 10 first years of exhibitions at Gallery WM, is for sale.
Open:Thursday – Saturday and 1st Sunday of the month, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m, Elandsgracht 35,1016 TN Amsterdam, Tel: + 31 20 421 11 13

Website: Gallery WM 

Wouter van Leeuwen, Galerie – contemporary photography

art Gallereis Jordaan District

Mika Ninagawa, 1972

Wouter van Leeuwen simple, white walls gallery specializes in photography, presenting the biggest recognized names in contemporary photography. The selection of photographs, clour as well as black and white is amazing, often giving the visitor an opportunity to see the original prints of the world famous pictures. Among the photographers Wouter van Leeuwen permanently represents are big names like Sam Haskins, Frank Horvat, Melvin Sokolsky and Ellen von Unwerth.
Open: Thurs – Sat 12 – 6 pm, Hazenstraat 27, 1016 SM, Tel : + 31 652 031 540,
Website: Wouter van Leeuwen 

Willem Kerseboom – Western & Chinese modern contemporary art

Art Galleries Jordaan

Nina Nolte

The strong position of a fast growing number of Chinese artists, which they have claimed among the famous avant-garde painters of today, is a proof of their capability to cope with and comment the fast changing society in which they live.
It is with great pleasure and respect that we represent them in this part of Europe. It is the unequalled pace of change in China, and the maybe frightening uncertainty of all these changes, that is an intense motive for the artists to chronicle what is being lost and to reflect the outcome of all changes.
It is the intention of this gallery to show the beauty of these new forms, created by the best Chinese contemporary artists.
At the same time we will continue to show the art of similar Western artists.
Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 am -5 pm, Hazenstraat 11, tel 1016 SM, mobilphone: +31 653512379
Website: Kerseboom 

Art Galleries Centre

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Experience the Art Galleries Centre Amsterdam!

Amsterdam’s excellent art galleries offer collections of some of the world’s finest art.

Art Galleries Centre

Spiegelgracht Amsterdam



Amstel Gallery

Photography, sculpture, collage and painting

Art Galleries Centre

Openening expo David Kretschmer

Exclusively dealing with what it calls global ‘crème-de-la-crème’ in contemporary art, Amstel Gallery interprets significant art-movements and reflects on them with various mediums like photography, sculpture, collage and painting. In addition to their regular exhibition schedule, they host and organize special presentations in combination with the fashion world.

Open: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m, Saturday noon – 5 p.m
Adress: Stadhouderskade 155, 1074 BC, tel 628 567 830
Website: Amstel Gallery

Reflex Modern Art Gallery

Paintings and photography

Art Galleries Centre

Daido Moriyama ‘New York’ 2001:2011 silver gelatin print

Art Galleries Centre

Daido Moriyama ‘Another Country in New York’

Reflex Modern Art Gallery, presents the work of young contemporary artists, with an emphasis on current photography and painting.
The gallery opened its doors in 2003 and focuses to a broad public. Reflex organizes annual four to six solo-and two to three group exhibitions. The Gallery regularly cooperates with artists on special editions. The recently published book ‘The Cabinet’, in cooperation with British photographer Miles Aldridge is an example. Other publications are ‘Kaori’ of Nobuyoshi Araki, & ‘Road to Erehwon’ of Robin Lowe, ‘Violence and Passion’ of Erwin Olaf. The Reflex Gallery is specialized in Cobra, New Realism and Fluxus Art move.


Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11.00-18.00.
Address: Weteringschans 79-a, 1017 RX, tel + 31 627 28 32.
Website: Reflex

Renssen Gallery

Paintings, Sculptures and lithographs

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Renssen, work by Renssen Amsterdam

Galleries Amsterdam Centre, Gallery Renssen

Gallery Renssen work by Renssen

A collection of paintings, sculptures and lithographs of Erik Renssen, inspired by his favorite masters Picasso, Modigliani and Morandi. Erik Renssen is a figurative painter and sculptor with an eye for configuration and texture, however some might find his works a bit resorting to clichés or recognizable formulas. However, his portfolio is characterized by an enormous range, not only of subject matter but also in his use of color and materials.

Open: D aily from 12 -17 pm
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 44, 1017 DG, tel +31(0)20 421 8359.
Website: Renssen

Chagall-galerie Wuyt

Graphic techniques, lithographs Marc Chagall

Art Galleries Centre

Chagall Litho

Art Galleries Centre

Chagall Litho, Gallery Wuyt Amsterdam

Small gallery with over a thousand graphic works of Russian-born French artist art by Marc Chagall(1887-1985) on offer, Wuyt counts among the world’s biggest galleries in this field. Established in 2001 the gallery showcases comprehensive rotating displays of the graphic work of the symbolist artist, from its extensive collection of original pieces (such as color lithographs, woodcuts and etchings) as well as works made with other graphic techniques (like ‘pochoirs’) and special prints.
Address: Spiegelgracht 32, 1017 JS, Tel 020 624 3892
Website: Wuyt

Delaive Gallery

Modern paintings prints Dutch & international

Art Galleries Centre

Karel Appel painting

Art Galleries Centre

Work by Dutch artist Corneille, , Gallery Delaive Amsterdam

One of the leading galleries for modern and contemporary art in the Netherlands, guided by Nico Delaive. The gallery is presenting Dutch and international artists. Among the artists whose works you may see at the Delaive Gallery are such big names as Sam Francis (paintings and works on paper), Yves Klein, Pablo Picasso (prints), Niki de Saint Phalle, Fontana, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall (prints), Karel Appel, Corneille, Pierre Alechinsky, Constant, Eugène Brands, Gerti Bierenbroodspot. An important feature of the Gallery are the works by Artist Takashi Murakami one of the most thoughtful-and thought-provoking-Japanese artists of the 1990s. Murakami is also internationally recognized for his collaboration with designer Marc Jacobs to create handbags and other products for the Louis Vuitton fashion house.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11-5.30 pm , Sunday 12 -5 pm
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelgracht 23, 1017 JP, Tel 020 620 41 30
Website: Delaive

Ron Mandos Gallery

Actual developments in contemporary art

Art Galleries Centre

Nick Ervinck work

Art Galleries Centre

Nick Ervinck work

A podium to young talent as well as top international artists, taking you along the frayed edges of society and life. Mandos particularly focuses on multidisciplinary artist working with new and dynamic ways of representation, casting light on the unanticipated and previously concealed aspects of everyday experience. Mandos seeks to give a platform to those works where the complex interrelations of artist, artwork and ordinary practice are played out. The shows often consist of installations, photographs and videos, but also paintings seeking sensations of difficulty and collision with the ‘norm’ – by a combination of techniques and operations that work as dialectical oppositions.
Open: Wed – Sat, 12 – 6 pm
Address: Prinsengracht 282 1016 HJ, Tel 020 3207036,
Website: Ron Mandos

Articks Gallery

Underground contemporary art.

Art Galleries Centre

ArTicks Gallery

Proudly specializing in urban contemporary and street art, ArTicks Gallery is a refreshing addition to the Amsterdam art scene. Young and active gallery specialized in the street art – graffiti, stencil art, comic art, lowbrow and ‘punk’ breaking the hold of manufactured media culture. Calm atmosphere but filled with pieces bringing various emotions. The ArTicks gallery represents several artist collectives from Amsterdam as Codex Inferno, Mokum Zoo, IKS Crew, Hot Mama Hot, Free Jordan Fighters and individual Pan-Europen artists as Daniël Recal Oosterman, Blade, Miel Krutzmann, Telmo Pieper, Karma, Peter Meyn and Merijn Kavelaars.
Open: not mentioned
Address: Singel 88; 1015 AD, Tel 020 737 1505
Website: Articks


New media with experimental pulse

Art Galleries Centre

Acryl by Wolfgang Pauli

Displays of new trends and modern artists, Akinci’s vision is to reveal both the experimental pulse running through its program combined with the precision of the artists investigating their methods and aims experimenting in a new media field.
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 1 – 6 pm
Address: Lijnbaansgracht 317 1017 WZ, Tel +31 20 6380480
Website: Akinci

Art Singel 100

Contemporary art

Art Galleries Centre

ceramics -Tejo Philips

Gallery led by Pepa Santoplaria with a selection of modern art from Netherlands and beyond.
Art Singel 100 is 25 years active and part of the art scene of Amsterdam.

Open: Wednesday – Saturday 1 – 5.30 pm, 1st Sunday of the month 2- 5 pm
Address: Singel 100 
1015 AD, Tel: +31 (020) 6257764
Website: Art Singel

ArtVisie Gallery

Contemporary paintings and sculpture

Art Galleries Centre

ArtVisie Gallery

Open: Wednesday till Sunday from   12 am to
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 57, 1017 GG, Tel: +31 (0) 20 6455169
Website: ArtVisie

Braggiotti Gallery

Dutch and International contemporary glass art.

Art Galleries Centre

Braggiotti Gallery – contemporary glass art

Art Galleries Centre

Bragotti art gallery

One of tourists favorites among Art Galleries Centre Amsterdam is Braggiotti Gallery. Four separate display rooms allows parallel exhibitions of a variety of artists. Christian Braggiotti works closely with the gallery artists to assure that the very finest examples of each artist are presented. Amsterdam has a unique synergy because of the various artists and glass studios permanently based in this special city. This is reflected in the exceptional exhibition program of the gallery. The gallery is located in the center on the Singel Canal, one block from the flower market.

Open: Wednesday – Saturday from 12 – 6 pm
Address: Singel 424, 1016 AK , Tel: + 31 20 638 96 54 Annual gallery closing until March 30th 2012.
Webisite: Braggiotti

Brandt Gallery

High end contemporary realism

Art Galleries Centre

Naomi Safran – Hon Daliyatal-Karmel-New Home

A brand new gallery opened its doors in the Amsterdam ‘Spiegelkwartier’ with up to date artworks breathing a contemporary zeitgeist. Gallery Brandt has space for experiment; besides conceptual figuration in painting, sculpture and photography it also presents video art. One of the linking aspects in the various disciplines is the political, social actuality (narrative) and individualism as key ingredients reflecting the spirit of time. Faced with the many aspects of human relations, especially those of alienation, loneliness, absurd um and the raw side of life, these works call for self-reflection. Besides several ‘Realists’ like Annemarie Busschers (NL), Yigal Ozeri (VS), Mireille Loup (FR) and Kim de Ruysscher (BE), the work of Emmanuel Barcilon (FR) looks for the borders in abstract painting.

Open: Wednesday-Saturday 11.30 am–5.30 pm, Sunday noon–5.00 pm
Address: Prinsengracht 799, 1017 KA Tel 020–622 31 32
Website: Brandt

Gallery BMB

Diverse contemporary art

Art Galleries Centre

Ludo Winkelman

Exhibitions of modern artists of the gallery. Moreover a selection of paintings from Marti-Brummelkamp have been regularly exhibited. The Galerie BMB works in association with Jonkergouw art work for group expositions.

Open: Wed – Sat 12.30 am – 5.30 pm
Address: Kerkstraat 127—129, 1017 GE, T + 31 20 – 622 9963
Website: BMB

Carla Koch, Gallery

Modern art, ceramics,, glass, china and porcelain.

Art Galleries Centre

Carla Koch Gallery

This gallery exhibits the works of internationally acclaimed artists. Most of the pieces displayed in the gallery are design-orientated toward functionality. Art shows put on by solo or group artists are rotated. Carla Koch opened this gallery in 1995 and has run it for more than 15 years. She is an artist in her own right with years of experience in glass and ceramics.
Open: Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6pm, first Sunday of the month 14.00 – 18.00 pm

Address: Prinsengracht 510, Tel : + 31 20 639 01 98
Website: Carla Koch


Clement Gallery and Print shop

Paintings and graphic art

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Clement

Gallery Clement, a contemporary art venue founded in 1969, divides its space into a painting section and rooms for graphic art work. The accent is on abstract art, Gallery Clement is run by the master printer Piet Clement and his wife Catherina. Gallery Clement is located just a short walk from Rijksmuseum, close to the famous Spiegekwartier. At the back of the small shop with a large collection of prints on sale, there is a famous workshop, where among other prints, David Hockney (a known print called “French Shop”) and Jim Dine were printed by Piet Clement and his workers. Among the artists of the gallery: Jan Cremer, Jeroen Henneman, Harrie Gerritz.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11-5.30 pm

Address:  Prinsengracht 843-845, 1017 KB, Tel + 31 625 16 56
Website: Clement

De Witte Voet Gallery

Applied art, sculpture and ceramics.

De Witte Voet (The White Foot)is focused on modern ceramics.The owner Annemiek Boissevain describes the gallery’s profile as ´actual art´ so often exhibitions go beyond limitation of clay as the basic material.
Open: Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm and Sunday of the month 2 – 5 pm,

Address: Kerkstraat 135, 1017 GE , Tel + 31 625 84 12

Website: De Witte Voet Gallery

Douwes Fine Art

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Douwes Fine Art

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Douwes Fine ART

Europe’s oldest single-family art gallery, centuries of art, expertise and services (London Branch of Douwes Fine Art opened in 1979)
Evert sr. (1928 – 5th Generation), has been a driving force for over fifty years. Director Evert Douwes jr. (1953 – 6th Generation) has been spoon-fed with the art dealing profession. From the age of six, Evert jr. listened to the stories told to him by his grandfather and followed his father’s directions while daubing on a spare canvas in the restoration department. Erick Douwes (1956 – 6th Generation) is Evert’s younger brother. Erick joined the family firm in the early eighties with particular interest in wanting to become a painting restorer. For many years Erick ran the Douwes Fine Art restoration department in Amsterdam. In 1991 Erick started a second Douwes Restoration Studio in Friesland.

Instead of specializing in only one era or style, this very special gallery endeavors to use their elaborate expertise of five centuries of painting. They offer a great variety of 16th and 17th century Dutch and Flemish Old Master Paintings and Drawings and 19th century Dutch Romantic and Hague School paintings, watercolors, 19th -20th century French Barbizon School, Post-Impressionism and Modern Art of the 20th century.
Open: Tuesday – Friday, 9 – 5 pm

Address: Stadhouderskade 40, 1017 ZD, Tel: +31 (0)20 6646362
Website: Douwes

Elisabeth Den Bieman De Haas Gallery

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Elisabeth Bieman de Haas

CoBrA and more. 
A comprehensive collection of the works of Dutch painter van Corneille, or Corneille Guillaume Beverloo.
The pieces, mostly dating from 1943 to 1948, displays the artist’s surreal world. Corneille has received worldwide recognition, and the gallery, dedicated to him, annually receives many visitors. An interesting personal selection of art by the owner Elisabeth Den Bieman De Haas, mostly from CoBrA movement (Corneille, Eugene Brands) but also other artists, mostly from the Netherlands but also from France and other countries. Small but artistically important gallery in the area of antic shops and galleries in a proximity of the Rijksmuseum – Spiegelkwartier.
Open: Tuesday – Friday 11.30-5.30 pm, Saturday 11. 30- 5 pm, Sunday 1- 5 pm, summer opening times may vary
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 44, 1017 DG, Tel + 31 6261012
Website: Bieman de Haas

European Makers

Applied arts

Art Galleries Centre

artist Paul Jackson

Wonderfully varied choice within the various disciplines; ceramics, glass, textiles and paintings. Beautiful works from all over Europe are brought together under one roof in a on the lower floor of an historic building. Most of the Makers are inspired by nature and it forms, cellular structures for instance, and the culture and the music of their native country, but also by the countries they have traveled. Their website shows some terrific examples.
Open: Thursday -Saturday 12 – 5 pm
Address: Spiegelgracht 2-A, 1017 JR Amsterdam, tel 020 622 3088,
Website: European Makers

Jaski Art Gallery

CoBra abstract art

Art Galleries Centre

Jaski Art Gallery

Gallery owned by the former Dutch tennis champion Tom Okker, who was ranked (ATP) among the World’s Top Ten Singles players for seven consecutive years, 1968 thru 1974. Okker retired from tennis in 1980 and since 1988, Jaski Art Gallery has been established at the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Jaski is specialized in CoBrA abstract movement with big names as Karel Appel, Corneille, Asger Jorn, Allechinsky,Constant and Eugène Brands. Jaski Art Gallery regularly organizes exhibitions, some of them in collaboration with the Van der Togt museum and the CoBrA museum, both in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam. Jaski led by Okker together with Nico Koster has also an eye for post-CoBrA developments, and younger artists.
Open: Monday – Sunday 12.00-18.00,
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29, 1017 DB, Tel 620 39 39
Website: Jaski

Lieve Hemel Gallery

Contemporary Dutch realism

Art Galleries Centre

Lieve Hemel Gallery, Dutch realism

Probably the best gallery in Amsterdam specialized in realistic contemporary Dutch paintings. The gallery is managed by Koen Nieuwendijk who puts an accent on traditional artistic craftsmanship, with all attention focused on a small and select group of top-drawer painters of predominantly Dutch origin. Also features exhibitions of realistic sculptures and interesting contemporary hammered silver.
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 pm
Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 3, 1017 DB, Tel: 020 623 00 60
Website: Lieve Hemel

Martin van Zomeren

Contemporary art and photography

Art Galleries Centre

Seth Pick oil on canvas

Art Galleries Centre

Martin van Zomeren Gallery – opening Seth Pick

Open: Wednesday – Saturday 1- 6 pm
Website: Prinsengracht 276, 1016 HJ, tel +31 611 370 211.
Website: Martin van Zomeren

Matsumoto Gallery

Yoshiko Weteringschans 37, 1017 RV, Tel 020 6199558. 



Openhouse for art, outer reaches of technology and multimedia

Art Galleries Centre

Media metic – building aquaponics Amsterdam

New media located in a large exhibition space in a charmingly decaying former bank building. Mediamatic organizes exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops, screenings in public space and develops software and art projects. The organization also runs Mediamatic Atelier, an artist workspace in which they develop art projects. Its exploits include legendary interactive installations. A number of their projects evolved into autonomous websites, products and programming that inhabit a place of their own in the public arena, both on- and offline. Open Mon-Fri 1pm-7pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-6pm (times often vary by exhibition). Vijzelstraat 68, Tel +31 20 427 4137,

Mokum Gallery

(New) Dutch Realism Gallery

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Mokum

Mokum has a strong collection of New Dutch Realism and continues its role as the most identifiable venue for select artists working in this genre. In a way, New Dutch realism is a contemporary tribute to the Golden Age of Dutch painting. It revives the tradition of careful setting realized through precise composition and details set in a metaphoric context or often with a symbolic value. As Holland’s oldest gallery, Mokum has the choice of working with the finest artists working in this tradition, a position that strengthened the role realism continues to play in the larger Dutch art world. The gallery represents more than thirty artists, mainly Dutch and a few well known realists from other countries as far as United States and China. In recent years however the gallery has expanded its horizon and now.
Open: Wednesday – Saturday from 12 – 5 pm and each 1st Sunday of the month 1 – 5 pm., Oudezijds Voorburgwal 334, 1012 GM, Tel 31 624 39 58.
Website: Mokum

Naleye Art Gallery

Dutch artists
Naleye Art Gallery is new gallery, that features Dutch artist. The first exhibition in December 2011 featured the last work of artist Peter Klashorst. Also his biography ‘ ‘kunstkanibaal ” was formally presented to the world. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 240, 1012 RR, tel + 31(0)20 77911424

Peter Pappot Art Gallery

Dutch, Belgian and French painters 1800 to 1950

Art Galleries Centre

Peter Pappot Gallery, Dutch, Belgian and French painters 1800 to 1950

Art Galleries Centre

Peter Pappot Gallery, Amsterdam 2, Dutch, Belgian and French painters 1800 to 1950

High quality collection. Gallery Peter Pappot, is specialized in paintings of Dutch and Belgian masters of the period 1800 to 1950, artists like Cornelis Springer, H.W.Mesdag, Isaac Israels, and many others. Over and above, they also have works of French impressionists and graphic art by amongst others Kees van Dongen, Carel Willink, bronze statues by Chris Tap and Caius Sponken. The Dome Room is home to the top pieces. 
Open daily 11- 5.30 pm, Sundays 11 – 5 pm, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 30, 1017 DG, Tel 020 624 2637,
Website: Peter Pappot

Petit, Gallery

Dutch graphic art, realism
The Petit Gallery is located in a traditional Amsterdam house not far from the Historical Museum of Amsterdam. The gallery has the most complete selection of the Dutch graphic art, a huge stock of original prints by almost 80 Dutch artists it represents. Furthermore Galerie Petit presents exhibitions of paintings and prints. The owners couple, Ton and Dobs van Dijk put an accent on realism in their selection. Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 5 pm, 
N.Z. Voorburgwal 270, 1012 RS, Tel: + 31 626 75 07
Website: Petit

Smelik Stokking Gallery

contemporary West European sculptors and painters

Art Galleries Centre

Gallery Smelink Stokking, contemporary West European sculptors and painters

Smelik Stokking is an Amsterdam division of the well known, existing for more than 40 years gallery in The Hague. Smelik & Stokking has a represent more than a hundred West European sculptors and painters, and is especially renowned for their copious collection of bronzes. The artists share a love of figuration in their craft. Although Smelik & Stokking is a gallery with traditions and a name that has been established for decades, their goal has always been to continually surprise the public with their new and modern art. The galleries in The Hague and Amsterdam also have beautiful sculpture gardens at their disposal. Open: daily 11 – 5.30 pm, Prinsengracht 572, 1015 KR , Tel + 31 622 54 96
Website: Smelink Stokking


Art Galleries Centre

W139 Amsterdam during opening expo- Every Reform Movement Has a Lunatic Fringe

Alternative art space, emerging artists, performance, video. A Space for continuous production and presentation of contemporary art since 1979. Dedicated to risk and experiment In its two decades of existence, W139 has never lost its squat aesthetic, nor its occasionally overly conceptual edge. A new renovation has just brought more light and fresh inspiration. Legendary openings. W139 exhibits the works of many Dutch and international artists including George Korsmit, Federico Campanale, Constant Dullaart, Frank Mandersloot and Henny Overbeek. Apart from exhibition space, W139 has a guest studio for foreign artists and a rendezvous space: the polar room.
Open Mon–Sun 12–6 pm, Warmoesstraat 139, 1012 JB, Tel +31 20 622 9434.
Website: W139

Willem Baars projects

Art with international appeal and endurance.

Art Galleries Centre

Willem Baars gallery

The gallery is sharp and clean, minimally designed. Upon entering, it is clear Baars has a well-flexed eye for how to approach and how to appreciate Art. The gallery offers a programme of youthful maturity and mature youth. Artists such as Riyas Komu (India), Frank Koolen (Netherlands) and Morgan Betz (Netherlands/United States) are prominent artists in their thirties who are presently attracting considerable publicity and whom they are proud to include in their programming. Although not a huge gallery, one wall is adorned with a broad and compelling collection of books to add spice to viewing pleasure. In stock among others Damien Hirst, Rene Daniels, Willem de Kooning. Since 1995, Willem Baars has been active as a certified appraiser of modern and contemporary art.
Open Wen till Sat. 12- 6 pm, Hoogte Kadijk 17 hs, 1018 BD Amsterdam, Tel: 020-4230607
Website: Willem Baars

Vielieers, Gallery

Figurative paintings and small sculptures.
Gallery Vielieers that calls itself also Salon d´Art, specializes in figurative oil paintings. The owner André Vielieers is mostly interested in paintings by artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, but sometimes paintings from Spain, US or England are on show at Vielieers. In the basement of the Vielieers gallery, you will find an interesting selection of paintings and small sculptures permanently in stock. Based at the Herenstraat, a nice small street with several design, fashion and antique shops. On the gallery’s website, you may see the live view of the gallery from a webcam.
Open: Wednesday – Saturday and 1st Sunday of the month 1-5 pm, Herenstraat 23, 1015 BZ , Tel: + 31 623 24 95

Visit Art Galleries Jordaan District too!